ECA’s Mission & Vision

OUR MISSION A local Agro-based industrial company that provides efficient farming practices to small scale farmers in Mozambique. It provides affordable quality inputs to these farmers and buys back their produce at a guaranteed fair market price. These products then are processed into high quality consumer products.

OUR VISION is to transform local small scale farmers into comercial businesses that will be self sustainable through the adoption of modern farming techniques and business practices. We aspire to be a leading food processor through investment in the most efficient machinery, equipment and technology as well as to provide food security to Mozambique during uncertain periods of drought and flood.

ECA’s Story

ECA was started as a concept dream by Grant, Moses and Alison in 2011. The dream was to create a company which would support small holder farmers in Mozambique, with a food crop on a sustainable long term basis. The concept derived from the success of similar projects in Mozambique. As this was hugely successful it was decided to try and implement similar concepts with small holder farmers and food crops. The project concept was shared with AgDevco who are an Agricultural Development Fund, at the time looking for opportunities to invest in Mozambique. The concept was then developed into a business plan which was later funded by AgDevco.

Grant and Moses, through agriculture experience in working in the Manica Province of Mozambique, decided to base the newly formed company Empresa de Comercialização Agricola (E.C.A.) in the Barué district.  The excellent rainfall, good soils & the willingness of the farmers within the district, were the main criteria on which the decision was made. An approach to the local Administrator of Barué district in 2011 was made. A proposal was written up for the plans of the business,  submitted to the Provincial Director of Agriculture & Governor of the Province in Manica. After a number of meetings and discussions, permission was granted by the Governor of Manica Province to go ahead & start the business. In 2011, ECA started with a total of 765 growers. Funding through a local bank, guaranteed by ECA, to source & supply quality inputs, namely seed & fertilizer on credit to the farmers was approved.

In our first year of operation we had a small dedicated hard-working team, comprising of 3 technician agronomists, managed by Moses, and 1 administration lady supervised by Alison.  The rest is history. Today the company employs over 120 contracted employees and 50 seasonal employees as well as supports 12,000 farmers, who produce in excess of 15 000 tons of maize.

ECA’s Team

Driven by our values, we commit everyday to pursue together our work towards our mission.


Alison Taylor

Financial Executive Manager

My twenty four years experience in finance and administration locally and internationally has always involved a passion for numbers. Running the operations effective in financial controls and at the same time ensuring human resources, IT and administration contribute to effective and accurate delivery of the company’s overall and strategic commercial objectives is a daily challenge. Having been with ECA since its inception has enabled me to have a thorough understanding of the multi-faceted outgrower scheme. Watching the community and ECA grow arm in arm from humble beginnings to what we have now has been a wonderful experience.


Grant Taylor

Chief Executive Officer

During my twenty nine years as an  agronomist, heading up ECA has been a truly wonderful challenge. I have always dreamed of being a part of a succesful community based project.  Our dedicated and dynamic team, who are also passionate about developing Agriculture with less fortunate communities, we have pushed the boundaries and have ensured development of agriculture within previously subsistence entities in this ground breaking venture. This has been rewarded by seeing  profit sharing back into a most deserving community. An altogether incredible vision achieved.


Moses Muchayaya

Operation Executive Manager

My whole life has been in an agricultural sphere from tender years to date. Program management has been my forte over the past seventeen years. This has put me in good stead to spearhead ECA agronomy and operations. My portfolio encompasses a wide bouquet :- Land preparation, production targeting and forecasts, demonstration plot development, good agricultural practice advice (GAP), maize sales strategy, inputs distribution, budget preparation and presentation for the entire season. Furthermore, daily management of the milling operation has been a rewarding and interesting adventure. Working closely with our staff and on the frontline in the field with our contract farmers has enabled me to proudly see first hand the exponential development of the community we at ECA serve. ECA has made me accomplish what is in my DNA.



Mill Manager

After 9 years in the field of Automated and Mechanical Wheat and Maize Milling Manufacturing companies following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Food, Safety Managemetn Systems (FSMS), working with Bühler, Roff and Crimson Mills; I am now responsible for a state of the art Bühler mill. A days activity includes mill settings and adjustments to achieve required specifications, routine maintenance on the mill, quality control (raw materials and finished products) through implementation of laboratory rheological testing and assurance procedures, grain storage management. I am extended to the management and organisation of all the mill staff and product planning. ECA Has provided for a calling to serve and a purpose to fulfil in my career, an experience with world class production equipment and latest technologies, a connection with the world’s leading Breweries, Laboratories and Engineers, and a Management team that mentors and challenges the best in me.



Sales & Business Development Manager

An enthusiastic, dependable and accomplished Senior Business Manager over the last 15years’, who aims to contribute to the success of a commercial organization by constantly improving its methods and objectives, combining the skills of Business Management, Finance, and Operations, with Information Systems Management. Areas of specific interest include planning and directing, training and development, coordinating operations, concept’s appreciation and development, business management, and finance and administration. Good at exploring new and alternative methods with the networking skills and strategic thinking, analytical and interpersonal skills. My experience with ECA has been challenging in a positive way, and fulfilling at the same time. It´s been a learning experience from day 1, and I can proudly say ECA is my home. Basically there are no limits to what one can do at ECA as long as you are committed to it.

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