Our Model

ECA has adopted a social business model which supports the farmers in an integrated manner and ensures a fair distribution of the added value.

This introduction video was released in 2015.

Our Services


Agronomic Training

ECA has a full agronomy department headed by an agronomist and 8 extension officers. The extension team plays a critical role in the value chain, transforming our commercial smallholder farmers into bankable micro entrepreneurs through increase in yields due to a combination of various technologies being trained, including the use of good agricultural practices (GAP), use of certified seed, use of fertilizers, crop rotation methods, integrated pest management (IPM), gender equality and the use of plant protection chemicals (PPC). The extension services that are being provided by ECA changed lives of farmers through its extension strategies.


Quality Input

ECA works with trusted seed and fertiliser houses to provide access to affordable inputs for farmers, including non GMO seed and high quality fertiliser. The farmer has realised the benefit of the increased quality inputs in the increased yields, and improved produce which receives a higher price on the market than previously grown produce.


Financial Support

ECA provides inputs to farmers on credit, this gives the farmer peace of mind on the procuring of the inputs. The farmer can then focus on the production of the crop. ECA supplies the farmer with a guaranteed market for the produce at a fair market price.


Logistic Support

ECA promotes its’ innovative model for increasing farmers access to markets by operating from a central warehouse, with access to small warehouses through out the Barué District, feeding into the central warehouse. This ensures the farmer is always within close proximity to reliable markets.

Our Impacts


Our Clients

We sell our processed product to a variety of clients to ensure guaranteed market and fair price to the farmers.


A locally produced raw material is taken from the farmers, processed at ECA into a raw material for brewing a locally produced beer which is sold back to the Mozambiquean population. Grown by Mozambiqueans for Mozambiqueans, more value for money.



In the milling process, a guaranteed quality by-product is produced which is consistent for animal stock feed. This commodity is in high demand in both local and regional markets, particularly with dairy, beef and poultry industries.

Feed Millers

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Trust & integrity led to a lasting relationship with the farmers as they realised ECA supports them systematically each year. They recognise the benefits to produce a non-GMO quality harvest and reap the benefits of increased yields and improved quality produce that leads to above average selling prices.


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